2023 Mercedes-Benz G63 4×4² Squared Revealed

2023 Mercedes-Benz G63 4×4² – Mercedes-AMG has revealed the first photos that are officially announcing the new G63 4×4²model which comes with portal axles, as well as an immense clearance from the ground, with the power of a Twin-turbocharged engine. Mercedes says that this version is “the last of its kind” which is likely to mean the ICE version.

2023 Mercedes-Benz G63 4x4² Specs
2023 Mercedes-Benz G63 4×4² Specs

2023 Mercedes-Benz G63 4×4² Review

The new model was revealed by Mercedes G-Class on the Mercedes G-Class’ Private Lounge website. The 2023 G63 4×4² is the most recent model in this exclusive and high-riding G-Wagen series, following the previous model year’s G63 AMG 6×6 and G500 4×4² model from 2015. G500 4×4², and also the Maybach G650 from 2017 Mercedes Maybach Landaulet. The difference with the most notable feature of the G63 is the first model constructed in the latest Generation of Offroaders. Alongside the photos and videos, we also have a chat with Toni Mantle, Head of Product Management for the G-Class. She showcases the striking appearance of this four-wheeled.


The G-Wagen is now updated with large fender extensions as well as the massive 22-inch wheels equipped with grippy tires, LEDs on the roof, and exclusive Green paint. It also has lots of carbon fiber accents on the body that is squared off and an enormous spare cover. As you enter the cabin, you’ll notice additional carbon fiber and an exclusive display on the display screen in the cockpit, which is digital and has ambient lighting, as well as an interior mirror that is digital with leather-wrapped sports seats and steering wheel.

2023 Mercedes-Benz G63 4x4² Changes
2023 Mercedes-Benz G63 4×4² Changes


The most significant news is under the bonnet. There is the most recent AMG twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine that is capable of producing 577 horsepower (430 kW or 585 PS) and 855 Nm (627 lb-ft) of torque. It’s exactly like the G63 standard model that is an enormous improvement over the model before it which had 416 horsepower as well as a torque of 450 pounds. Mercedes hasn’t revealed the performance figures, however, do not expect it to be as powerful as that from that of the “regular” G63 due to the apparent lack of aerodynamics, the massive wheel, as well as the greater weight. It is important to note of the fact that it isn’t the AMG exclusive G-Class with axles that are portal as this is the previously manufactured restricted-release Mercedes-AMG G 6×6.


As one would think, it’s obvious it is the G63 4×4² is the most robust variant of the G-Wagen with improved off-road capability compared to non-“squared” models. The suspension is independent and includes portal axles that feature the trademark design, as well as an angle approaching 45 degrees. Additionally, the clearance to the ground was increased to 13.8 inches (351 millimeters), and the ability to traverse through the water of 35.8 inches (910 millimeters) deep. While impressive to be sure but these numbers aren’t as impressive as the earlier version that was equipped with the four-wheel G550. We’re certain that nobody will notice any difference since it’s very difficult to reach the potential of this monster offroad.

Mercedes will announce the complete specifications of the car at a later time. Similar to the pricing and availability, Mercedes declared that G63’s new 4×4² version will be available for a short period and encouraged G-Wagen collectors to act immediately. Apart from the squared version, Mercedes have also worked on the redesign of the G-Class and the EQG, which is, of course, the all-electric EQG.


The G63 4×4 squared retains the standard model’s front suspension independent but is different from the earlier G’s front axle, which was strong. The broader carbon-fiber fenders give the car a more sturdy appearance. Although the dimensions of the tires were not mentioned, Mercedes did say the new G63 4×4 Squared features massive 22-inch wheels. An LED-lit light made of carbon fiber at the front of the truck as well as an extra tire carrier made of carbon fiber at the rear gives it the look of a luxury but rugged design. It’s interesting to note that Mercedes declares that the all-new 4×4 Squared is the first of its kind and will only be produced in small quantities. Mercedes is likely to be unable to sell such a slow vehicle for a particular period of time.

2023 Mercedes-Benz G63 4x4²
2023 Mercedes-Benz G63 4×4²

2023 Mercedes-Benz G63 4×4² Release Date & Price

We’ve been in touch with Mercedes-Benz to find out more details regarding G63’s 4×4 squared. G63 4×4 Squared. We will update this article as soon as we hear back. As prototypes of the brand new G63 4×4 Squared were seen during tests in Los Angeles, we expect that it will be available to the public for sale. As an example, the prior truck was bought for $225,000. I’m sure that nobody would be surprised to see this trend accelerate to $300,000. It’s also likely to be sold in a larger quantity.