2025 Mercedes C-Class Electric Review, Pricing, and Specs

2025 Mercedes C-Class Electric – Mercedes-Benz’s EQ range of electric vehicles is expanding to new markets, but it’s still not a rival to the Tesla Model 3. The German automaker hasn’t revealed any immediate competitors to the Tesla Model 3, the BMW i4, Tesla Model 3, and Polestar 2. The Mercedes C-Class has been among the most popular models offered by the Stuttgart-headquartered brand. It’s been available for more than 30 years and has experienced five generations of improvements and changes. It’s the first time it’s currently available as a Mercedes C-Class electric is in development. Automotive News reported in October 2021 that Mercedes-Benz dealers in the U.S. have received a confirmation that the electric C-Class will be coming to America as well as the brand new EQC SUV. The C-Class is expected to be the direct competitor of the Tesla Model Y. Mercedes-Benz will increase the speed of its electric vehicle program in order to provide electric vehicles across all categories.

2025 Mercedes C-Class Electric
2025 Mercedes C-Class Electric

Its electric variants of the E-Class and the S-Class have adopted the E-Class and badges of the E-Class and badges of the EQS. Since Mercedes already utilizes EQC for its GLC-style electronic SUV, it may reconsider the name and the title of the next generation EQC that has it taking the form of an EQC SUV. The SUV will be branded with the EQC nameplate to distinguish that it is an electronic variant that is a part of the Mercedes C-Class electric. Mercedes C-Class electric.

2025 Mercedes C-Class Electric Redesign

Mercedes-Benz launched its “One-bow” design in the year 2021. The name refers to the elongated roofline of the car that resembles an archer’s bow. The bow is accented by the door’s frames, and the beltline is high. The window’s surround is decorated with polished chrome. The bow line is the most prominent feature in the car. Steffen Kohl Mercedes-Benz Director of Advanced Exterior design was named in an event that was organized for the media this month in the month of March 2021. EQS “carries the future of Mercedes-Benz,” according to the study conducted by The Detroit Bureau.

MMA Platform

The Mercedes Vision EQXX first came out at the start of the month of January 2022, Mercedes-Benz Group also showed the first glimpse at its electric-only MMA platform. Mercedes confirmed it would be integrating the capabilities of its vehicle would be integrated into the production models. The announcement was made by a Mercedes spokesperson who was speaking during a discussion with Move Electric. director of technology Markus Schafer stated that the version currently being produced could be among the most efficient EVs all over the world. Gorden Wagener, the Chief Designer of Mercedes-Benz announced that the Vision EQXX model was one notch more than the EQE. This means the idea will be implemented when producing Mercedes C-Class Electric.

Next-gen Batteries

Mercedes-Benz might be able to unite its battery systems across its portfolio, including the dimensions of the cell as well as the chemical composition of the cell as the principal different elements. There is a possibility it is possible that Mercedes C-Class electric may benefit from this approach, much as Volkswagen’s Unified Cell strategy. Mercedes-Benz engineers are working to increase the battery capacity from 550Wh/l up to 990Wh/l through the use of a carbon-silicon alloy as the anode. The current energy density is 550 Wh/l and has a capacity of 111kWh in the Mercedes-Benz EQS. Mercedes-Benz has announced that it is developing next-generation batteries with efficiency levels that could exceed 800 Wh/l when they are at the cell level by 2024. The company intends to sell these batteries in conjunction to G-Class’s electrical (Mercedes QG) initially. The company plans to purchase these batteries through Cal’s Sila Nanotechnologies, which will make them use 100 percent renewable energy sources from Washington. We don’t anticipate them to become part of the C-Class range of electric vehicles at least in the beginning however they’re a great indication of the level of efficiency the company is hoping to reach.

It’s likely it is that the Mercedes EQC sedan could also be equipped with LFP batteries that will provide cheaper prices and more reliable power. The advantages of LFP technology are more than the drawbacks with having a lower distance compared to NMC technology found in cheaper models. This is the reason Tesla utilizes LFP technology on models like the Model 3 today. Model 3 today.


It’s likely there is a chance that it is possible that the EQC Sedan might include solar roofs that are similar to the ones that we’ve seen in the past from the Vision EQXX. Schafer explained that “customers will probably have the choice in the future to opt for solar roofs,” according to an Autoblog report. The Vision EQXX’s roof with solar panels reduces the burden on the battery by offering the possibility of 16 miles of extra range. The technology is expected to be further developed by the mid-point of the decade to the point that more range can be achieved by making use of solar power.

The electric C-Class is anticipated to come with a heating source that is all-source like the one utilized by Mercedes and their Vision EQXX. The heat pump is able to recover heat lost in the drivetrain. It also has an additional heat exchanger (not used in prior Mercedes-Benz heaters) that draws heat from the surrounding air. The external exchanger increases the temperature at which it functions and helps in heating the cabin within only a few minutes. The most recent model of heat pump utilizes all the energy.

It is likely that it is possible that the MBUX hyper screen which is the main interior feature in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, might be an option for the EQC Sedan. The EQE features a 12.3-inch display that has a touchscreen. It includes a 17.7-inch OLED touch-operated central display and a 12.3-inch OLED touch-operated front passenger display. It is possible that it to happen that the “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant to be more effective. It might be upgraded and is better in learning and dialogue and also more human-like. It might even be able to speak more languages than C Class. C-Class’s version came with the ability to speak commands which could also be utilized for German, Chinese, American English along with British English initially.

2025 Mercedes C-Class Electric Concept
2025 Mercedes C-Class Electric Concept

It is expected that it to happen that the C-Class Electric will include the new Mercedes I charges plug and charge feature. At charging stations in public that support Plug & Charge, including Electrify America points, customers are able to charge their electric vehicle without the need to input inputs manually to verify their identity. The car and the charger can be connected directly through cables for charging. In addition, the payment process can be automated using the pre-set payment mode.

It is possible that the EQC Sedan may see a variety of improvements and new features throughout its lifetime thanks to updates made available over the air. Moreover, customers will likely be able to enable features with permanent/time-limited activations or subscriptions anytime during the ownership, days, months, and even years after the car leaves the factory and reaches them.

Another feature that is available in C-Class electric model is the Active Ambient Light. C-Class ‘ electronic model comes with Active Ambient Lighting that assists visually in understanding warnings that are displayed in the car’s driver assistance systems by providing information in the form of hue. Its latest lighting feature will offer colors, even while managing an air-cooling device “Hey Mercedes,” and the Energizing Comfort programs.

The C-Class electric may be equipped with Digital Light headlights with a projection function. The headlights are able to project additional signs or warnings across the road in HD quality, which makes the car safer. It is possible that the EQC Sedan would come with rear-axle steering. This is an alternative. Rear-axle steering that has an inclination to 2.5 degrees is an alternative on this ICE C-Class Sedan. The turning circle is widened by 43 centimeters. This makes the radius 10.64 meters. Air suspension on the rear is possible as an alternative.

Bi-directional charging

Bi-directional charging is currently getting more and more common in electric automobiles. The demand for this technology stems directly from Hyundai Motor’s Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis brands. BMW Group and Volkswagen Group are also looking to integrate the technology into their electric automobiles. This is that there is no reason to believe that Mercedes-Benz Group would stay behind and in the form of a car that has this importance globally. Bi-directional charging can be used to charge electric vehicles that can be pluggable (PHEVs or BEVs) as well as charging other devices, such as electric appliances and other power sources to transfer electricity back onto the grid. The features offered may vary based on the current market.

2025 Mercedes C-Class Electric Review
2025 Mercedes C-Class Electric Review


It’s the Tesla Model 3 is already the top option for those seeking an electric car that is of top quality in segment D. The future European rivals in the D segment to Mercedes C-Class electric include the Neue Klasse-based BMW i3 and the Audi A4 e-Tron (Audi E4). There is a chance of Mercedes C-Class Electric could rival Polestar 2, Tesla Model 3, BMW 3 Series electric as well as Audi A4 e-Tron.

2025 Mercedes C-Class Electric Release Date & Price

It is expected to launch in 2025 Mercedes C-Class electric is expected to debut in the first quarter of 2025. The top-of-the-line C-Class EV can give a range of 350 to 300 miles (EPA). Prices are expected to start at approximately USD 55,000.